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my sims 2 keeps crashing when i click on the button that allows you to access the sim bin. I recently moved a sim out so maybe she’s borked the bin? does anyone have any help/has it happened to them? i googled it but most people who have the problem have recently installed a mod or game and i haven’t done either since at least before the last time i played. any help would be appreciated?

Holley is so awkward

"what did i do wrong?"

what skin and eyes do you use?! the teeth and nose look amazing on this sim!

I use eyes by Remi found here, the Honey skinblend by Lilith found here (I made a default/geneticized/towniefied version found here) and I also have all of Lilith’s nosemasks (can’t remember if I use it on Jenny but they are all awesome!)


thankyou ever so much! i use the same skinblend but it looks so much better in your game! x

Sims 2 Downloads

I have to (yet again) start my downloads folder again. Are there any sites which are recommended/ you couldn’t play sims without (hacks, clothing etc)? I’m using Maxis Match style skin and eyes but not style of anything else. Thankyou in advance!


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sim city 4 is actually such a beautiful game

changed my defaults to more maxisy-ones
next is to make-over the uberhoods!
what do i do? why is he crying?

my sims 2 sim has got abducted by aliens twice and still isn’t pregnant? is it just a chance each time? (i’ve never had a sim get abducted and not be pregnant before) or is it maybe something i’ve put in the game?


THIS! For me it’s quality over quantity, I’d rather have just two followers over two hundred, if those two people truly enjoy my simblr as opposed to the two hundred just following me for a follow back.I will continue to post even if my sims, and screenshots get NO likes at all. I do it because I like it.